10 steps to extend startup runway

  1. Runway Scenario Planning
Source: The Matrix for COVID-19. Sequoia Capital. https://medium.com/sequoia-capital/the-matrix-for-covid-19-c25bd5195f46
  • Evaluate the possibility of using a coworking space instead of leasing an entire office. Additionally, allowing non-physically essential employees to occasionally or permanently work from home can help free up some budget space.
  • Leasing of equipment and machinery is recommended on the initial years.
  • IT services can be financed through a pay-as-you-go model in order to avoid having unutilized systems or teams in the office.
  • Minimize payroll spending by outsourcing IT personnel, as well as accounting, legal and marketing services.
Source: CapEx for Startups?. Derek Lundgren Bittar from Indicator Capital. https://medium.com/@dereklbittar/capex-for-startups-8573f9dd1893



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