Nowadays every company has an existing business model and technical capabilities that has developed over the years. Walmart, for example, began in 1950 in Arkansas and was born as a chain in 1962, expanding in Bentonville. Throughout these years it established a business model with a physical territorial presence, buying…

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“ It is not a competitive relationship, is more of a collaboration”- Jonny Saacks, Managing Partner at F2

Antonio Peña, Jonny Saacks, Felipe Valencia

In the world of entrepreneurship, startups develop their business idea trying to solve a problem and adding value to the customer. To do so, they raise…

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When people think about Venture Capital investments they tend to focus on the exponential financial return from their participation as investors in startups. They usually consider financial metrics as part of the decision. However, new environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are gaining relevance in the investment process. …

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“I’m trusting in the Lord and a good lawyer” — Oliver North

What do Robinhood’s IPO in July 2021, Telkomsel’s USD$300mm investment in Gojek in May and Casai’s USD$48mm Series A capital raise in October 2020 have in common?

In addition to the fact that they all raised capital, have…

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Gonzalo Galindo, Krishna Motukuri, Luis Felipe Giraldo

In the world of entrepreneurship, there is a symbiosis between technology-based startups that have a B2B business model and corporate ones. Take Zippin, a technology company that uses artificial intelligence in the checkout process by enabling stores and providing a frictionless shopping experience…


ACV is an international Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) fund investing globally in Startups & VC funds.

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