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Nowadays, innovation in business is vital. Facebook is launching the metaverse, Google with Waymo is going to give people autonomy in their transportation and SpaceX wants to reach Mars.

However, 90% of businesses in the United States have less than 500 employees and 78% have sales of less than USD$500k…

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Corporates need to understand that innovation is what makes a company unique. What is the difference between my assets value and the market value. For example tesla, the consumer associates innovation with success. Amit Harel, Deloitte Catalyst

Who doesn’t know Microsoft? A technology company that produces software, personal computers, electronics…

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Startups are in continuous movement and over time develop relationships with investors and potential investors for subsequent rounds. It is therefore important that they establish a communication channel where they can periodically share information about the business and future.

The easiest way to do this is through a virtual newsletter…

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“A good negotiator understands that it’s his job to put things right. Mastering the art of doing business is what transforms an everyday company into a leading business empire.”-Warren Buffett

HERO, a virtual e-commerce company founded in London in 2015, was acquired by Klarna (a European-born Fintech unicorn) in July…

Many times, we hear success stories where entrepreneurs raise capital and build successful companies and after a great amount of hard work, they find a way to exit the company. But to be considered a real success story, it is necessary to consider what the shareholding structure is at the…

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“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”–Dr. Albert, Szent- Györgyi

Being part of the G20 does not guarantee that a country will be innovative and develop. An example is the case of Mexico. …

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“During a negotiation, it would be wise not to take anything personally. If you leave personalities out of it, you will be able to see opportunities more objectively.” — Brian Koslow (founder and president/CEO of Breakthrough Coaching)

In the Venture Capital world there are multiple types of investors that invest…


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