How a VC Fund Structure Looks Like?

  • CEO / Managing Partner: In addition to the investment responsibilities, this person usually performs administrative functions; including, financial, legal, fiscal, human capital, investor relations, relationship with government and civil authorities, etc.
  • General Partner: Focuses primarily on the investment process and brand positioning of the vehicle. Usually has a seat on the board of directors of portfolio companies.
  • Partner: It is a junior partner that focuses fully on the investment process, usually leading an industrial sector or geography. Additionally, takes part of the board of directors of invested companies. Other responsibilities are to review, negotiate and sign the legal documentation linked to every investment.
  • Senior Principal / Principal: Leads transactions from origin, to due diligence, to administrative closing of the investment. Also monitors portfolio performance and supports portfolio companies.
  • Senior Associates / Associates: Dedicates time in market research, supports origination, analysis, and investment process.
  • Intern Associates: It is a special consideration in some funds, in which practitioners (usually MBA candidates) are hired for a period of 6 to 12 months where they gain exposure to Venture Capital.
  • Venture Partner: They are professionals, usually external to the fund, who provide access to investment opportunities through their business network, offer their technical or operational knowledge and support in fund’s fundraising activities.
  • Entrepreneur in residence: Usually an entrepreneur who, for a defined period, provides advice and contacts to portfolio companies. In addition, she also supports the fund in assessing investment opportunities.
  • Capital formation: Support entrepreneurs in the capital raising processes and financial monitoring.
  • Value creation, strategic partnerships & operations: Provide business intelligence by transforming data into actionable goals that can create impact. In addition, build scalable programs and processes to accelerate the success of the companiess. They provide access to business networks seeking the accelerated growth of the company.
  • Talent acquisition: Provide advice to entrepreneurs in team strategy and executive talent pursuit. They also promote equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Additional activities:
  • Analysis of data and problems using Machine Learning, predictive algorithms, and data visualization.
  • Development of infrastructure and security systems, storage, and monitoring.
  • Source and structure of data.
  • Finance: Manages financial and accounting control of the fund’s operations. Some positions are CFO, manager or analyst, and comptroller.
  • Legal: They are responsible for the legal structuring of the vehicle and the compliance of the corporate government. Some positions are General Counsel, Legal Counsel and Corporate Paralegal.
  • HR: The main activity is to support in the structuring of the fund by hiring the best talent, training it, and retaining it. There is usually a human resources manager and a leadership and talent manager.
  • Investor Relations: They are responsible for establishing, developing and maintaining the relationship with investors. There is usually a director in this area and one or more supporting analysts.
  • Marketing and communication: They have the objective of increasing the recognition of the experience and record track of the fund. They focus on brand awareness and strategic alliances. There is usually a director in this area and one or more supporting analysts.
  • IT: They are responsible for providing technological services to the fund’s operations.
  • Assistants: Each fund has one or multiple executive assistants who support with multiple administrative tasks.
  • Investments: An average of three GPs and three associates
  • A value creation & strategy specialist for portfolio companies
  • Operations: A director of finance, a person in legal, and a head of talent, diversity, and communications.
  • Sometimes there is a director of investor relations and a comptroller.
  • Additional roles may include some Venture Partners and several Advisory Board members.



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