Plastics: The Miracle, the Waste and How We are Turning the Tide

Grand View Research. Global Plastics Market 2021
Grand View Research. Global Plastics Market 2021
AC Ventures, based on TRVST article
ACV Research


There are ones that reduce the use of single-use plastic bags or packaging in groceries and make more efficient to buy bulk products such as SmartBins or Algramo in Chile. Others create zero-waste options in ecommerce like Pieter-Pot, or The Modern Milk Man in the UK.

Reducing by rethinking and replacing

To reduce the use of plastics, we can think of ways to replace them by using bio-plastics that fully complement, improve or replace the compostability of today’s synthetics.


We can split it in two. In one side, those companies that improve efficiency in the collection process and others that improve the selection and processing of waste.


Considering that most of the plastic we discard is single-use, initiatives such as Last Object have created everyday objects such as facial pads or a tissues and transformed them into durable products with around one hundred uses before being discarded. Or The Ocean Bottle that takes waste from the sea to create new smart bottles.



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