The New Convenience: Instant on Demand

  • The customer registers the groceries order and pays in the application
  • A personal shopper receives the order and begins to collect the items on the list
  • The personal shopper pays with an Instacart pre-paid debit card at the physical store
  • Finally, the shopper heads to the user’s home to deliver the order
  • Commissions: Charged under the label “shipping” that varies depending on the size of the order and the urgency of the order, more than 2 hours of USD$4-8, less than one hour of USD$6-10
  • Annual Membership: The client receives their free shipments for one year in exchange for this membership for an approximate price of USD-$-99
  • Mark- up: The prices of items purchased on Instacart may have an increase of 15% or more against the price of the physical store.
  • Registered customers select the products to buy on the platform and make the payment in the application
  • GoPuff receives the order, picks the product in its warehouses and prepares the order for shipment to the customer
  • The driver associated with GoPuff collects the order from the warehouse to deliver it directly to the consumer in less than 30 minutes
  • Product mark up: GoPuff directly buys products, stores them and sells them at a higher price to consumers through its app
  • Shipping Commission: Charges a fixed commission of USD$1.95 and an additional USD$2 if the order contains alcohol. This commission is used to cover the cost of shipping and not as an additional revenue stream of the company
  • Monthly membership: GoPuff offers the GoPuff fam service which consists of a monthly paid membership of USD$5.95 providing free shipping and a loyalty program as a benefit
  • Advertising revenue: GoPuff sells advertising space to brands that want to promote on its platform




ACV is an international Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) fund investing globally in Startups & VC funds.

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ACV is an international Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) fund investing globally in Startups & VC funds.

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