“The plastic problem is different (to other problems), because it can be absolutely be fix with the science that exists today” Dr. Jennifer Leroy, CTO at Novoloop

They’re everywhere. Only the computer from which these lines are written is about 23% plastic. The window is no exception, its aluminum frames coated in plastic. The car that crosses the street, the advertising banner, the runners’ sneakers and the dog leash.

Since 1869 that John Wesley Hyatt invented the first synthetic polymer, our history and economic development have been related to the research and development of new plastics. Its use has allowed…

“A first time fund is acceptable, but not a first time investor” — Mahendra Ramsinghani, Secure Octane Investments

The world of Venture Capital is a numbers game where the funds with the most complementary teams, the best access to opportunities and the greatest tools to support their portfolio companies have been the big winners. Of the nearly 2,000 Venture Capital firms in the United States, only 5.6% have more than USD$1bn of assets under management, with the main players in the market being firms such as a16z (Andreessen Horowitz), Lightspeed Partners, Sequoia Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, New Enterprise Associates (NEA)…

“The power of many will always exceed the power of one.” Colleen Ferrary Bader

All startups have a board of advisers and as they grow, they become the board of directors. This aims to advise the entrepreneur on the strategy, business model, commercial development, formation of human talent and capital raising, among others. In addition, it fulfills the function of ensuring the best interest of investors and ensuring compliance with the governance of the startup. Just as startups have these control bodies, Venture Capital funds have their own.

Every Venture Capital fund has an advisory board, the purpose of which…

“Perfect partners don’t exist. Perfect conditions exist for a limited time in which partnerships express themselves best”. Wayne Rooney

Just as entrepreneurs raise capital from investors by offering economic and intangible benefits in return, VC fund managers also raise capital from Limited Partners (LPs) granting benefits of different kinds. Not all LPs are the same, each one has different objectives and seeks complementary benefits. For example, it is not the same to have participation from CalPers, from GIC (one of the two sovereign wealth funds in Singapore), from a family office or from a corporation. …

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing” Warren Buffet

Usually the spotlight is on Ventures capital fund managers such as A16Z, Sequoia, Lightspeed. However, have you ever wondered what would become of these managers without their investors (Limited Partners)?

There are Limited Partners (LP’s) such as the European Investment Fund with assets under management of USD$8.5bn that have invested capital in over 134 funds in the last 10 years; the University of Michigan Endowment (USD$9.7bn) in 78 Venture Capital funds; California Public Employees Retirement System (CALPERS) (USD$311.5bn) in 75 and HP Pension Fund (USD$29bn) in 46.

The Limited…

One of the ways you convey the operational excellency is in the quality of the plan.” Marc Andreesen

Capital is one of the productive factors in economies that when it comes together with business skills, a Venture Capital fund is created. Venture Capital fund managers usually need to raise capital (Limited Partners), just like an entrepreneur, in order to carry out their investment thesis.

Like a startup, a fund carries a process of approach and strategy for this process. Just as time is a determining factor for a startup, so is it for a Venture Capital fund. …

“You walk into a retail store, whatever it is, and if there’s a sense of entertainment and excitement and electricity, you wanna be there.” Howard Schultz, (CEO of Starbucks)

Who hasn’t gone to a convenience store to buy a soda and a snack?

In 2020 the global market for convenience stores including “mom and pops” reached approximately USD$910bn, this figure is expected to grow to USD$965bn in 2021 (6% annual growth) and to a total of USD$1.3tn for 2025 (9% annual growth). The Asia Pacific region represents 53% of the market and Africa 15% (Research and Markets).

In the United…

“Our business is all about helping someone — a founder, a CEO — building a great business. It’s not about seeing our names in the press” — Douglas Leone, Sequoia Capital

In the world of Venture Capital many funds rely their position mainly on marketing strategies. Around 70% and 80% of the Venture Capital funds in the US Market add negative value to startups in their advice and could probably reach 95%, according to Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems and founder of Khosla Ventures. This is reaffirmed by the overestimation of the value contributed by fund managers to startups…

“Going together is a start. Staying together is progress. Working together is a success.” — Henry Ford

Within organizations the team is the more important asset because in addition of being the one that makes the organization achieve its objectives, it also defines and represents the culture of it. This applies in any professional field, from a startup to a professional football team. How many professional sport teams have hired countless stars without winning the championship?

In 2016 the English football team Leicester City showed what it means to be a high-performance team. In the season ending in 2015, the…

“Structure follows strategy”

Just as a company has a business process and a defined organizational structure, a VC fund is no exception. Such is the case of a16z (Andreesen Horowitz) agnostic fund that manages USD$16.6bn that invests in disruptive technologies such as Fintech, Crypto, Consumer, Enterprise, among others.

Managing a fund is just as complex as managing a business. The main activities in the administration of a fund are the following:

- Capital formation: Capital is the lifeblood of any fund; without it the fund would have no life. Before starting to operate the fund, managers must go through the…


ACV is an international Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) fund investing globally in Startups & VC funds.

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